SYNESTHESIA Ultimate Edition Free Download For PC

SYNESTHESIA Ultimate EditionĀ  Download For PC

In “SYNESTHESIA,” players follow a group of college students with unusual cognitive powers. They discover disturbing realities about the institute intended to help and understand them as they navigate their lives with these incredible skills. The plot descends into a labyrinth of intrigue, exposing that the institute is more than meets the eye.


The voyage of the individuals takes unexpected twists, revealing a broader plot that extends beyond their original views. Players are forced to question whether there is a way to break away from the apparently infinite circle of deceit and manipulation as they confront the mysteries surrounding the institute and their own powers. “SYNESTHESIA” has several narrative lines, enabling players to try out different courses and consequences as they try to figure out what’s going on.



  1. Loading a MusicXML File: MusicXML is a common file format used to express sheet music. It enables the transmission of musical data across various music notation programs. It’s possible that users may now be able to import and playback sheet music in this format using Synthesia’s MusicXML file-loading feature. This could be very helpful for musicians who wish to study or rehearse particular musical compositions.
  2. This may involve UI changes, enhanced scrolling and page-turning capabilities, and general advances to the reading of sheet music.
  3. This indicates that the process of accessing your list of accessible music should go considerably more quickly and smoothly than it did previously.


System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista or later, macOS or SteamOS + Linux are the supported operating systems.
  • RAM must be at least 2 GB.
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c support
  • Storage: At least 3 GB of free space is required.


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