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Gloomwood Fire at the Gates Download

Gloomwood Fire at the Gates Torrent Download PC Game


Gloomwood Fire at the Gates, a stealth horror first-person shooter that will make you shudder. Immerse yourself in a sinister Victorian metropolis that is undergoing an evil change, a city where dread and intrigue lurk around every corner. In this immersive gothic immersive sim, be ready to go on a spooky tour through eerie streets, shadowy dungeons, and opulent mansions.

Uncover the Cursed Mystery:

Navigate the perilous streets of Gloomwood as you unravel the mystery cloaked in the fog. Find yourself kidnapped and imprisoned in a city that is going through a terrifying transformation. Investigate the secrets that surround this abandoned Victorian city in depth to discover the startling truth hidden under the surface.

Stealth and Horror Combine:

Use your canes word to perfect the art of stealth while skulking through the shadows to evade the lurking beasts that live in Gloomwood. Discover the city’s gloomy atmosphere by cautiously wandering its shadowy lanes and secret corridors. To escape the unrelenting terrors that lie ahead, stay concealed, solve riddles, and outwit your foes.

Key Features:

  • FPS with intense stealth and horror
  • Victorian metropolis in disarray
  • Uncover Unholy Secrets
  • Canes word Combat Dark Mansions and Haunted Streets
  • Intensive Gothic Ambiance
  • Strategic stealth
  • Interested Puzzles
  • Horror Story From the Writers of Popular Titles

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5 or a comparable processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480 for graphics
  • 11th version of DirectX
  • 20 GB of storage are available.
  • Sound Card for DirectX
  • SSD is advised for quicker loading times.

How to Install?

  • The Gloomwood installer may be downloaded from the official website.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation procedure.
  • The installer’s on-screen instructions should be followed.
  • Select the location folder for the game installation.
  • Hold off until the installation is finished. Depending on your computer setup, this can take some time.
  • After the installation is complete, you may start the game from the start menu or desktop shortcut.
  • Play Gloomwood to experience an exciting stealth horror adventure.


File size: 489.30MB

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