Fairy Hunter

Fairy Hunter Ultimate Edition Download For PC

Fairy Hunter Grames Ultimate Edition Download For PC

Both “Fairy Hunter” and its plot. It’s wonderful to hear that the game offers character development and a captivating plot. I must stress once more that I am unable to help with download links or details concerning illegal or copyrighted content.

Fairy Hunter

If you want to play “Fairy Elements” or any other game, I suggest seeking reliable sources like authorized resellers, developer websites, or official game stores. The continuous creation of high-quality games and a great gaming experience are ensured by purchasing games legally and supporting the developers.

Fairy Hunter

Key Features:

  1. Play as a human or a fairy character, both with their own specialties and playstyles, in the dual-race game. While fairies excel in natural magic and agility, human characters rely on their intelligence and ability with magical devices.
  2. Entertaining Storyline: Discover the origins of the wicked fairies and the causes of their corruption as you lose yourself in a colorful tale. Discover the realm’s mysteries while forming alliances and making crucial decisions that affect how the world turns out.
  3. Fairy Hunting and Adoption: Set out on perilous missions to find and apprehend bad fairies. Use a variety of weapons, spells, and strategies in tactical combat to weaken and defeat your opponent. Once kidnapped, adopt and educate the fairies to make them obedient pets.

Fairy Hunter

Technical Specifications

  1. Version of the Game: First version – This indicates that the specifications relate to the first version of the game.
  2. The user interface, as well as the menus, text, and other elements found inside the game, are all in English.
  3. The audio content of the game, including sound effects and spoken dialogue, is all in English.
  4. The game’s compressed file archive is called Fairy_Hunter.zip. It most likely contains all of the installation and executable files needed for the game.
  5. Size of the game download: 14 GB The game takes up about 14 gigabytes when it is downloaded and installed.
  6. Many people use the cryptographic hash method MD5 (MD5SUM: aa18a26fdb674d0c44583b7458ac4a7f) to verify the integrity of files. This MD5 checksum can be used as an identifying code.

Fairy Hunter

System Requirements:


  • The operating systems available are Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • RAM capacity: 4 GB
  • graphics cards similar to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  • The DirectX 11 update
  • There is a storage space of 12 GB.

required as the operating system.

  • Processor Intel Core i7 or an equivalent model
  • RAM capacity: 8 GB
  • graphics equivalent to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • The DirectX 11 update
  • There is a storage space of 12 GB.


Password: gamingworlds.org

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