CAFE 0 The Sleeping Beast REMASTERED PC Game


CAFE 0 The Sleeping Beast REMASTERED will transport you to a village evocative of 19th-century Europe while a captivating story is told. Players are introduced to Corliss Green, a young woman working in a lavish noble mansion, in this engaging visual novel. Follow Corliss on her incredible voyage as she arrives in front of a strange café and meets Noir, the mysterious waiter who reveals the reason for her tragic death.

A Mysterious Encounter at Café 0:

Corliss wakes up on a fateful day to discover herself in front of a strange café unlike any other. This café’s atmosphere creates a passageway between the worlds of the living and the hereafter. Corliss learns from Noir, the mysterious waiter, that she had previously died but was unable to reach paradise. Instead, she arrives to Café 0’s front door as a lost ghost. Corliss, who is both intrigued and unsure, decides to take advantage of Noir’s extraordinary offer to travel back in time to the week before her passing.

Unveiling the Truth:

Corliss must consider whether her ultimate objective really is entering paradise as she digs more into her background. She investigates the mysteries and nuances behind her premature death with Noir’s guidance. The truth behind her death starts to emerge piece by piece, taking surprising turns as it goes.

Choices and Consequences:

Your decisions will influence how Corliss navigates her journey and how the story develops. Each choice has repercussions, which might result in many events and divergent plots. Immerse yourself in this compelling graphic novel as you work your way through heartbreaking decisions that may affect Corliss’ future.

Key Features:

  • Visual novel experience that is interesting
  • Explore the worlds between the living and the afterlife while unravelling the mystery behind Corliss Green’s
  • Premature death in an intriguing plot set in a 19th-century European town.
  • Make decisions that impact the story and produce different results.
  • Scenes that are exquisitely drawn bring the world to life are enhanced by a mesmerizing soundtrack.
  • Find out what’s going on in the opulent home and the mystery café.
  • Discover a fusion of love, loss, and paranormal themes.

System Requirements:

  • 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • 2 GHz processor
  • One gigabyte of RAM
  • integrated storage with 1 GB of available space for graphics

How to Install?

  • When you click the Download button, ShareTheURLs will be opened.
  • From the list of available download links, select your desired one.
  • Locate the downloaded file when the download has finished.
  • To unpack the contents of the downloaded file, use the “Extract” option from the context menu (you might need a programme like WinRAR for this).
  • Locate the executable file (which often ends with the.exe extension) by opening the extracted folder.
  • To launch the installation, double-click on the executable file.
  • To finish the installation procedure, adhere to the prompts and guidelines displayed on the screen.
  • Upon completion of the installation, you may run the game and begin playing.


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